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study Abroad programmes in the UK

Short term options

It’s a common misconception that student-athletes can’t study abroad. Whilst semester & year-long options can disrupt your athletic schedule, short term programmes work perfectly. From two week short courses to summer residentials, many UK universities offer credit bearing study abroad options.

Experience a new culture

Immersing yourself in a new culture can reap benefits on and off the field. Whether you’re travelling overseas for the first time or engaging with students from around the world, short term study options can broaden your horizons and bring new perspectives to your academic and athletic life.

Try it out

Want to study abroad but not ready to commit to a full degree? Short term study programmes allow an insight into what life is like at a UK university. Engage with professors, stay in university accomodation and sample the local cuisine Рall important things that will help determine if overseas study  is for you.

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