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Thought studying abroad was impossible because you’re an athlete? Think again! Whether you’d like to join a summer school or continue your athletic career at grad school (yep, you read that right!), the UK has lots to offer.

One Year Master's

Master’s degrees take one year to complete in the UK, allowing you to accelerate your studies and save on tuition and living costs.  Scholarships are also available.

Play Your Sport

No eligibility? No problem! Continue your collegiate athletic career whilst studying your master’s in the UK. There are plenty of options if your playing days are over, too.

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Short Term Study

Not ready to commit to a full year abroad? Universities offer short programmes during vacation times that fit around your athletic & academic commitments.

Coaching & Volunteering

From coaching and officiating to event maangement, there are a breadth of opportunities to build your skills off the field. You can even gain internationally recognised industry qualifications.


There are a broad range of academic and athletic scholarships available across the UK. Universities are committed to supporting their international students.

Explore Europe

Whether you’re here for a few weeks or longer, studying in the UK provides a great base to explore the rest of Europe. Many locations are close by – Italy, France & Spain are just a few!  

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