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Studying at Sheffield gave me so many practical experiences

Sep 12, 2023

Maria Lozano is from Mexico and she graduated in MSc Energy Engineering with Industrial Management in 2018.

What first attracted you to Sheffield?
I knew about Sheffield through a recommendation of a good friend of mine who studied in Sheffield before I did. This was the first time I heard about Sheffield and as I research the university I absolutely knew I wanted to studied that master that had the perfect mix of marketing with energy and engineering. I loved the diversity and international engagement as well as multiple societies and extra curricular activities I could engage on to increase my soft skills.

Can you tell us about the role(s) you have secured since graduating?
Coming out of UoS, I knew I wanted to experience a leadership program. A company I’ve always admired is General Electric, so I went and looked for opportunities in the space. I was offered a few opportunities to join some programs. The one that aligned the most with my career goals was the GE program called ASPIRE Sales & Commercial Leadership program. I started the two-year program with Baker Hughes, a GE company, off in Mexico for six months then move to Brazil for six month and end up in a global role for a year working with people from all over the world. Rolling off the program I moved to Houston with Baker Hughes to continue with my career goals into the energy industry and I’ve been living here about a year ago working as Emissions Management Product Manager.

In what ways did studying at the University of Sheffield help in your career search/ successes/ current role?
The University of Sheffield gave me so many practical experiences and opportunities to test and try new things, gave me a safe space where to fail and learn what I enjoyed and don’t enjoyed through lab projects, work opportunities, trainings, boot camps, international experiences, and many more.

What piece of advice would you give to students considering studying abroad and why should they choose Sheffield?
Sheffield would provide you both the local English experience melded with international experience with people from literally all over the world. You’ll make your best friends for live and will have people that you won’t want to let go. The University of Sheffield is a great place to gain knowledge but overall practical work experience and you’ll be surrounded by a large supportive community of mentors, colleagues and friends that will push you further.